donderdag 1 januari 2009

New title ideas

Hmmm let me would be nice to have some new goals in the game.

I had some great idea's for new titles in the game.

In the game a great diversity of green special items and weapons can be found from different bosses around.
When you find a gold weapon you can identify them. If lucky you find a modification you have never found. This is added to a list of found modification. This way the identify proces has a nice feature and makes it some kind of an achievement to unlock all modifications.

By using this system of registration of which modifications are unlocked, the green weepons could also be registered when dropped from a boss. It's quit an achievement to gather all the green weapons, and storage is just to small to keep them all. Therefor when there is an NPC in de guild hall who register all the green weapons found on a boss could enable a new title. The GREEN CATCHER title, named after the shortname of a big friend of mine in the game...everytime we where adventuring he got the nice green was very frustrating. HA HA.

When registered, it could be possible to craft the weapon, personlized for you only therefor unlocking valuable space in the storage. I would like that because new nice additions (like the summoning stones, tonics etc) are keeping an appearance in the game. Only thing it cost storage space, valuable storage.

In the future i shall add more title ideas.

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