donderdag 25 december 2008

Minipet galore

During those events the people who have to large a ego pop up in the different outposts. They stand there showing of with their bought minipets. They think them self as elite GW players, with their way of arrogance. But unfortunately they are a discrace for the community.

It's strange that those people have these minipets. They bought them for a lot of in game money. Money i think could not be earned legitimate. Another strange thing is that those people reside in the oldest guild in the GW-universe, the developers guild.

That makes me even more sceptical.

With no new expansion, and me and others playing the game because it's beauty, want these superrare mini's too. But that will probably not happen. I am no elite. I am just me, helping people where i can asnwering all kind of questions, helping out others in their progress etc. That's the real fan i think, making fun for others.

And then what...others get a christmas card from ArenaNet....bummer.

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