woensdag 24 december 2008

Contacts fading away

Now days people are waiting for Guild Wars 2. It´s taking very long...even longer due to the fact we don´t see any news, screens or movies getting published by ArenaNet.

Therefor people who have been playing from the beginning are going to look for new adventures, they start playing other mmo´s and contacts are fading. This is what i always knew...during the game people had goals/achievements to fullfill. When those goals are completed people will be around for some time but eventually they move on. Other players leaving behind who still have to complete their achievements and where willing to help those leaving people.
It's a kind of unfairness, but ineffitable. You can't oblige people to keep on helping other people.

This is the time i am wondering will i keep the guild running or let it perrish, leaving behind good memmories. It´s a difficult question. Some people still needs help. But also for me there is more to see in the real world.

I still get online very often, to take on some quests or missions to achieve the individual goals. But the energy is lost to build up a strong alliance with other guilds and possible friends. My friendslist if full...now and then i am still contacted by friends from the past. But the interaction is fading away. Their are no guild goals to do, the most people have seen it, done it...

Am i done?

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