woensdag 24 december 2008

Wealth farming

Wintersday has arrived in game. Very nice...this is the time to get up and running again to get some progress on some titles. Sugar, Party and drunk title here we come.

When in game money is no issue the title could be bought. Nowdays with the Zaishen predictons money could be earned very easy. I think lot's of people are buying extra accounts to make it possible to make predictions on more then one account. With good predictions it's possible to earn a minimum of 500k in one month. It´s a pitty you can buy some of the titles just when you earn enough money.

In game their are people who are really rich. They have so much money that they buy the nice stuff. Amounts are passing by on fora and in game you think that's not possible. 1500 ambraces, about 15.000.000+ platinum is a amount not normal for a game. Still thinking those people have taken advantage of the dupe-incident. But nevertheless they buy all the nice stuff, like the rare minipet Polar bear only dropping on Wintersday.

And then why i ask. People who like to play the game to gather things on a normal way have to farm their butts of. I think i have tried for the minipet polar bear for about 100 times. No bear for me. I am still stupid enough to try it again. Iritated i am that people buy them from others if you have lots of money. What is the reasson the developers want it so rare. People want the pet to take it with them to Guild Wars 2. But then it's still unsure what the use will be from the items placed in the monument in Guild Wars 2. The stats of armor and weapons will probably change so the skins are only to show off to others. I would be nice people in the guild wouldn't have to travel in my party to see my hall of monuments. And i wont start shouting in the chat: "who wants to see my HOM"....Ha ha.

Nevertheless, i would strongly appreciate if the polar bear having a normal drop rate. It's cute and would have a nice place next to me at a fireplace in a the wonderfull world of Guild Wars.

Darn i would like to be rich...just one special armor in my hall, no weapons, and still have played the game 7500 hours in the past 4 years...hmm what am i doing wrong. i love the game, without some regognition from the developers. LOL

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