woensdag 24 december 2008

Home improvements

Playing the game so much you identify the potential improvements much easier.
Let's start at the beginning of the game - the interface after you login.

Character selection screen
1. Customizable - placing you're own background, GW-themed action buttons, music selection, sorting the characters like playing characters and storage characters, giving a brief disrciption what it is/has.
2. Showing the age, date of creation, overall earned money over the game, total experience, achieved titles per character
3. Selection of location/outpost/chapter you want to go to
4. Button to show the different storage for all characters, to switch items and sorting easier
5. Eventually messaging items to other accounts added to the plaync masteraccount
6. RSS feeding system for the large Guild Wars fora, where you can select different interesting topics to be shown.
7. MSN function to send and receive mail/messages from fellow gamerfriends using the friendslist of MSN (watch out for unsollicitated mail and people messaging you)

After you selected the armor, weapons and skills you enter the outpost/guild hall/town.

Guild hall improvements
1. Skill master NPC - where you can buy all the skills you have unlocked on your account
2. Entry to the hall of monuments of fellow guildies
3. Guild achievement display (like urgoz / sorrow furnace / AB / Malyx / Guildie of the month with election way)
4. Different kind of minigames (fastest runner, GW chess,
5. Message board (events, sell/buy) just like at the grocery
6. Stable to place pets and maybe future mounts
7. Create buildings (pub for socializing, library to write on parchement tips & tricks for guildies, temple to share builds)
8. Specific rolls in the Guild Hall (carpenter, fisher, gear maker for fishing/knitting/sewing etc, cloth maker (i.e. partydress)
9. Guild hall clothing (celebration cloths, wedding cloths, party cloths in your own house/closet)
10. Upgrading of the amount of players to more players in the guild (100+)
11. Guild guest invite for celebration of guild birthday or other guildevents
12. A loaner, to sell items when desperate in need of money, but able to buy stuff back when enough money
13. Showing wich missions already have been done per guildie, showing who can participate in a mission, subscription to an guild event organized by a officer or guild leader

When in a town or outpost
1. Message board for recruting by guild leaders, event announcements or other messages
2. Minigames like chess, cards etc eventually to be played against npc's
3. Speakers corner

Explorable area interface
1. MSN feature to chat with people in and outsite the game
2. Pet control via flagging

Chat control
1. Guild vs officer chat
2. Ignore particular people in all kinds of chat (some kind of mute button)

1. Key/lockpick chain
2. Storage tab for tomes
3. Storage tab for consumables
4. Storage tab for quest items
5. Music player to changing in game music (combining gw1 en gw2 music)
5. Export function to csv-file to organize and publish to other sources

1. Creating quests/plots to do with guildies
2. Toggle offline mode befor entering the game

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